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Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear Ceramic Braces in Gaithersburg, MD

If the thought of bulky, easily noticeable metal braces has kept you from looking into orthodontic care, it may be time to reconsider your options. With the latest advances in the aesthetic design of braces, it is possible to achieve a straighter smile without worrying about their effect on appearance. At Smiles by Roxana, we provide clear ceramic braces in Gaithersburg as a discreet, effective method of correcting alignment issues. These appliances are capable of blending seamlessly with your natural smile and we offer this treatment for both adults and adolescents.

We welcome your questions and invite you to schedule a consultation today for more information about ceramic braces.

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

The clear appearance these braces have come from using tooth-colored ceramic materials rather than metal brackets. Beyond orthodontics, these ceramics have been proven to have the resiliency and natural beauty necessary for comprehensive restorative treatment. These qualities are what allow ceramic braces to be an effective option in many cases. When patients receive these appliances from Dr. Homayoun, they can elect to have a traditional or frosted archwire placed that further promotes virtually invisible treatment.

Our patients in Gaithersburg and the surrounding Kentlands communities value ceramic braces for more than being a less noticeable alternative to conventional braces. This type of orthodontic treatment moves teeth into position faster than clear aligners, another popular cosmetic option for achieving a straighter smile. As with conventional methods, Dr. Homayoun recommends ceramic braces as either a stand-alone solution for mild-to-moderate cases or a component of larger, more complex orthodontic treatment.

While we offer clear ceramic braces to patients at any age, teenagers and adults tend to experience more compelling results since their jaw has fully developed.

Clear Ceramic Braces Treatment from Our Gaithersburg Practice

At Smiles by Roxana, we begin your orthodontic treatment with a comprehensive examination of your teeth and bite positioning. In addition to gaining details about your smile, Dr. Homayoun takes the time to walk you through all available options and the steps taken with each treatment. Whether you are seeking to have lingering alignment issues addressed or are receiving braces for the first time, your expectations from care directly influence her recommendations.

After the initial consultation, we invite you back to the practice to have your ceramic braces placed. This involves bonding the brackets to the teeth and attaching the archwire with clear elastic bands. During follow-up appointments at our Gaithersburg office, Dr. Homayoun makes adjustments to the wire as needed to apply gentle pressure that results in steady improvement. The tooth-colored brackets can easily become stained without diligent care, which is why we explain how to maintain your ceramic braces, including guidance on proper dietary and hygiene habits to keep while wearing them.

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Dr. Roxana Homayoun and her compassionate staff offer personalized orthodontic care that allows you to smile with confidence. To learn more about how we provide clear ceramic braces for patients in Gaithersburg and the neighboring areas of Kentlands, Montgomery Village, and Germantown, contact our practice today!


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5.0 star rating 12/16/2016
My s.o was looking for a new orthodontist for his son after running into difficulties with his last one. Many orthodontists are hesitant to take over from another practitioner, but Dr. Roxana was not only willing and able, but incredibly accommodating with scheduling and financing. We could not have been happier for our son. Things have been going so well that my s.o. wound up getting braces himself as well from her! Thank you for taking care of my family's smiles so well!

Magdalena B.

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4.0 star rating 6/24/2016
First to Review
Love the technician Connie. She is so great and amazing at her job. Scheduling wise it leaves a lot to be desired I have been rescheduled more than 3 times because they could not see me and last minute calls as well. It delayed me by 2 weeks at one point which was infuriating. Connie makes it worth it.


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